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In Thai are giving cannabis to chickens. is that right?

Surprisingly Thailand was the fist country in Asia to legalize medical marijuana in 2018. That´s why some farmers in the north of the country get a licensed to grow medical cannabis.

With all weed get from the farmers The Thailand’s Chiang Mai University is trying to use cannabis leaves for a group of chickens that weren’t responding to antibiotics for avian bronchitis.

According to The Guardian, academics at the university have been studying 1,000 chickens since last January at the farm to see how the animals responded when cannabis was mixed into their feed or water. They used leftover leaves, crushed into feed or boiled for “marijuana water”.

Stoned for science? Not really. The chickens weren’t given quantities that would (likely) cause psychoactive effects like being high.

While the completed research has yet to be published, Chompunut Lumsangkul, assistant professor at Chiang Mai University’s Department of Animal and Aquatic sciences, says the chickens given cannabis had higher quality meat and eggs, needed fewer antibiotics (or none at all!) and were more resilient to inclement weather.

In the Future could cannabis help reduce dependence on antibiotics?, We don´t know .... so would you eat some eggs from those chickens?.

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