Barcelona Cannabis Clubs Do’s & Don’ts

DON’T ask questions at the desk when joining!

Becoming a member of a cannabis club in Spain is still a process riddled with legal grey areas. Until you are a member of the club they cannot promote the club to you. That means they can’t answer any question that could potentially be promotional. Once you are a member you will find that most of the clubs are very helpful. Don’t put them in a compromising position by asking questions at the front desk though.


DO help yourself to free papers & filters

Every single Barcelona cannabis club I’ve been to has free papers and free filters next to the weed counter. Help yourself. A good club will provide you with everything you need to smoke. All the tables will have grinders and the good clubs usually have lighters that you can use (not take!) around as well.

DON’T use financial or purchasing related words

The cannabis clubs in Barcelona can’t sell you weed. You can ‘get’ weed. You can ‘have’ some marijuana. You can’t buy it though. As a member of the club you are contributing to the cannabis grown by them and paying for your share. Don’t be the person that puts them in a compromising position. Just ask if you can get some. That’s all you need to say.


DO ask for paraphernalia and advice

Most of the cannabis clubs I frequent will let you ask as much as you like about the weed when you are a member. They know whether their strains are indica or sativa dominant. They’ll give you advice on bongs, pipes and any other smoking related paraphernalia they may have available. In short, the good ones are super friendly. You would be too if all you had to do all day was smoke weed and talk about it with friendly strangers.


DON’T mix up the ashtray and the mixing bowl

Pretty much all cannabis clubs in Barcelona have a mixing bowl and an ashtray on each table. One is a small glass bowl and one is an ashtray. Don’t be the annoying person who uses the glass bowl as an ashtray. You aren’t smoking in your mate bedroom now. It’s really annoying for those who like to use the bowls – so don’t be that person.


DO take along food and drink

This was something that I was concerned about when I first signed up for membership at a Spanish cannabis club. Can you take in your own food and drink? My experience is yes. Some clubs even say “download the Just Eat app and order whatever you want”. They are there to provide a safe place to smoke and enjoy your cannabis. They aren’t trying to make themselves millionaires from the vending machines. You can take in whatever food or drink you like. I’ve seen people eating a full takeaway in a Barcelona cannabis café before. It’s not like an Amsterdam cannabis café. They are just there to provide the weed and create a nice environment. They aren’t trying to sell you coffees or steaks as well.


DON’T buy weed FOR anyone outside or FROM anyone outside

If it isn’t clear already: the use and possession of cannabis in a public place in Barcelona is a crime. So is giving cannabis to a friend. The police deem it to be trafficking. Therefore, keep all your cannabis related activity inside the club. Standard administrative fines for cannabis related offences in Barcelona are around 500 euros. Trafficking can land you in court. If your friend wants some weed, then invite them to be a member of your local cannabis club. As a member yourself you can invite them to join.

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