What is a Madrid Cannabis Club?

Most of us are used to the term “coffeshop”, so when surfing the net we come across a CSC (Cannabis Social Club) we seemed puzzled… So what exactly is a Madrid Cannabis Social Club?


Cannabis clubs in Madrid are associations where members have legally put their collective skills, resources and funds together, to cultivate marijuana and provide it in a safe environment to its members. The members and Board of Directors are organized as a closed-circle group of people who band together in a registered Private Association for the purpose of “autoconsumo” – to produce and consume cannabis. These clubs are non-profit and only require members to pay a small yearly fee and for their share of the harvest efforts.


Most clubs offer a selection of 4 – 5 Sativas , 4 – 5 Indica’s & 4 – 5 Hybrid strains. Madrid’s cannabis clubs also generally carry hash, iceolator, jelly and other types of concentrates, and also most clubs offer edibles of some sort.


Inside a cannabis club in Madrid, you’ll find spacious areas to hang out, comfortable seating, places to work from, and well-stocked dispensaries, some Madrid Cannabis Clubs have a vending machine or a bar – so that you can get a drink. Free WiFi, music, special events, such as conferences on cannabis consumption & regulation are also held in the clubs.


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