If you want to get Marijuana in Barcelona

If you’re looking to get marijuana in Barcelona, Spain you’ve come to the right place. Weedseek team have developed a number of great relationships with founding members of some of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona, and  for sure we can to help you get weed in Barcelona.  Sharing this experience with other people is awesome and we love to do it, so don’t be afraid to hit us up.  Just remember that it is still illegal to smoke pot in public in Spain; you may only do so in the privacy of your home or a private club.

There are over 100 cannabis clubs in the city but only around 10 offer some of the best cannabis in Barcelona. From them you can expect top quality, a wide variety and a full range of products. Above you may find a list of clubs closest to the city center using Plaza Catalunya as the point of reference.


Cannabis in Barcelona is only legal inside the cannabis club. It’s illegal to possess and consume cannabis in public. YEAH, I know, everyone does it! but possession of cannabis in Barcelona’s street is penalised with a BIG fine. It doesn’t help telling you acquired the cannabis at the club; it might make it worse.

Take care tourist, read carefully our older post, regarding common mistakes tourists make when they search weed in barcelona.



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