Common mistakes tourists make when they search weed in barcelona

1) They ask people on the street about the private clubs

Tourists think it is quite normal to approach Spanish people and ask them if they know any cannabis social club near them. This is the biggest and common mistake because nobody wants to share this information to you.

2) Once they have found one, tourists go directly to the club withoud a recommendation

We remind tourist that everyone wishing to enter a cannabis club must request an invitation INDIVIDUALLY and complete full membership registration (interview and payment). When registering at the club, you need to provide a Spanish address. Any address works, don’t make it a big deal.

3) Getting fooled by street promoters

After the Cannabis Social Clubs appeared and they become more famous betwwen the marijuana smokers worldwide the black market from the city center of Barcelona disappeared. All the dealers that were doing their job day by day for more than 10 years on the Las Ramblas now they remained withoud jobs because everyone was looking for a Cannabis social club where you can choose your favourite strain and see the exact quantity and quality. But the same people stay noe in the same spots on the street with a different product "coffeeshop", "cannabis club", "legal marijuana". But, because legal clubs will never work with this type of dealers because they are doing illegal promotion on the streets. So be careful

4) Never use the work BUY

Weed is NOT sold in Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona, every member contributes for the association, so don't use the words BUY or SELL when referring to weed. Most tourists do, and they will be rejected by the association. 

5) Try to get too much quantity

When a CSC visits a clubs and takes too much quantity, he is making a great mistake. Take into accout the weed is a very sensitive product and if you take too much, you will have problem in the transport. Just a small quantity goes a long way. 

6) Smoking everywhere

Even Spanish marijuana laws (Read our previous post regarding Spanish marijuana laws) may be relaxed in some terms, don't make the mistake of smoking wherever and whenever you want. Consumption in Spain is only legal in your privacy of your home or inside the cannabis clubs

7) Tourists think it is free to get inside

Everyone wishing to enter a cannabis club to get weed in barcelona must request an invitation INDIVIDUALLY and complete full membership registration (interview and payment).


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