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Legal Status of Cannabis in Barcelona

As we have mentioned in Spain Cannabis is only legal inside private “Cannabis Social Clubs” (also known as “Social Cannabis Associations”), and Barcelona, although the regional government has tried to legislate, is no different. There are around 120 cannabis clubs in Barcelona, as you can imagine in all shapes & sizes, from the posh, to the down to earth more hippy clubs. However, you must remember that you cannot simply walk into a marijuana club and become a member and buy the product immediately.

Despite the legal private clubs, marijuana is not tolerated the way it is in the Netherlands. While Spanish law is considered very liberal in private spaces, don’t expect to consume marijuana outside your house or the club without consequence, usually just a fine & a unpleasant memory. If you are caught with marijuana in public, your product will most likely be confiscated and you could be left with a hefty fine, anywhere from 300 to 600 euros.

Do you want to join a Barcelona Cannabis Club?


How do I Become a Member?

New members must be referred by existing members, someone who can vouch for you, basically. You must also meet a few other criteria, based on the specific club. Most clubs at the very least require you to verify your age (some clubs are 18+, others 21+) in the form of a valid photo ID, and have a residential address somewhere in Spain. Whether or not you are required to prove said address is up to the individual club.

Some clubs also require you to provide other personal info such as whether you use marijuana recreationally or medicinally and how much you consume on average each month. Don’t be surprised if you have to sign a waiver stating you will abide by club rules. Membership fees range from 20-30 euros/year.


Getting Weed on the Street in Barcelona

If you are just visiting for a little while, or simply do want to join a Private Cannabis Club in Barcelona, buying weed on the street might be your best bet (although we do not recommend this practice!). The quality of the marijuana will vary depending on who you get it from. Hash is generally considered to be a bit better than flower, due to the close proximity of Morocco.

In a Private Cannabis Club prices can range from about 8-10 euros a gram, with hash being cheaper. Weed can usually be bought around the bigger tourist places such as the beach and city center.


Cannabis Prices

Price and product varies club to club, but product quality can rival that of top Amsterdam strains, at a fraction of the price. At a good club, you can get  excellent quality weed at 10€ gram. Some top THC buds can cost up to 20€. You must remember that the Private  Cannabis Clubs live of the fees they charge members, so expect to pay a membership fee between 20-50€, and in some cases a monthly fee from 5-15€.

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