Green Poison

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Green Poison

If one day you should happen upon an old friend offering you something called “green poison”, it may give you pause for thought. Though if it comes wrapped in a skin or stuffed into a pipe, smelling sweet and flowery, you're likely in for a treat!

Green Poison is a potent Indica, great for those cold evenings parked on the couch in front of your favourite streaming service. This bud takes a few hits to kick in and is a bit of a creeper, but once it does you'll start to feel those familiar Indica effects. A heavy, numbing feeling spreads through the body, relaxing the muscles and making sure you won't be standing up any time soon. A great choice to help deal with sleeping problems or stress, this won't be poisoning anything other than bad vibes.

Not a good idea to smoke during the day for exactly this reason, make sure you're comfortable and fully stocked up with supplies. Don't say we didn't warn you!

The plant itself smells flowery, with that unmistakable skunky undertone so many smokers are familiar with. Once lit up and inhaled, Green Poison hits you with the strong earthy flavours of pine, and that skunky smell carries over to the taste.

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