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Chocolate Chunk

Though we've been lucky with the weather in Madrid this year, October has arrived, and that means this warmth won't last much longer. With the arrival of Autumn come customary house-bound Saturdays sheltered from the worsening climate. What better way to help you settle into that gaming session or Netflix binge than a nice hit of pure indica Chocolate Chunk? A name with a lot to live up to (chocolate chunk anything is likely to be high on any smoker's munchie list), this flower is as rich and satisfying as it's calorific namesake. Not a strain to casually puff on mid-morning, make sure you have a clear schedule before you light this one up. From the first hit, you can tell it's an Indica, and over-indulgence on this potent bud will definitely lead to a couch-lock. The resulting body high is perfect for any aches and pains you're feeling, and for those of you who suffer from insomnia, this can make the perfect sleeping aid. A sweet, earthy smelling bud burns off a thickly pungent fume, sour and heavy. Chocolate isn't just a name, there is a definite cocoa edge to the smell, though be warned that the smoke can be slightly harsh to inhale.

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