Marijuana has been around for centuries so it’s not surprising that many historical figures have been known to use marijuana. Here is a selection of famous and innovative people who are known (or...
Swiss Lidl sells Marijuana
Sunday, 13 May 2018
Bread, meat, milk and now also marijuana. The German supermarket chain Lidl Has been  merchandising, in Switzerland, since last April 18 bundles  cigarettes based on Cannabis and 100% Local. The...
A brief look at some of the misconceptions regarding marijuana. For almost a century, these lines of reasoning have been the most commonly used to justify the criminalization of marijuana. Learn...
Marijuana was criminalized across most of the world in the early parts of the 20th century. There is some confusion as to the reasons as there seems to be different driving forces on either side of...
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  • Spannabis Barcelona 15th Edition
    Written by
    No one would have thought that 15 years ago Spannabis would be the fair it is today… What appeared to be a dream is now an outstanding reality: SPANNABIS, celebrating its fifteenth anniversary is consolidated as the most important Spanish cannabic event of the year, hand in hand with the Spannabis fair in Madrid. If you want to find all the information about Spannabis 2018: timetables, prices, exhibitors, news, performances, lectures, events, Music, lodging, how to arrive, and much more… Spannabis 2018 address Fira de Cornellá, Barcelona (Espanya) Spanibus 2018 dates 9, 10 & 11 of march 2018 Spannabis timetable…
    Written on Tuesday, 12 December 2017 09:53 in Cannabis Social Clubs Be the first to comment! Read 521 times
  • Laws and legal news about marijuana in Malaga, Spain
    Written by
    Laws and legal news about marijuana in Malaga, Spain Marijuana for personal use and in your own private home is legal and is tolerated in the whole of Spain. But the selling, importation, exportation and growing of marijuana in commercial quantities is illegal and punishable under Spanish law. Anyone caught may be imprisoned and/or fined. However, the police will usually ignore some people peacefully smoking some weed. Marijuana smoking is not much of a major concern in Malaga and the rest of the major cities in Spain. If you are in Malaga, be careful of the local police. In case…
    Written on Monday, 04 December 2017 09:39 in Cannabis Social Clubs Be the first to comment! Read 689 times

Cannabis Strains

Weed Seek's strain of the week let' s you discover the perfect strain then locate it at a dispensary near you. Want to know the effects different strains have? We got you covered. Want to grow it yourself? We can find you a seed company and also give you tips and tricks on the best growing conditions for your favorite strain.

Valencia, Valencia View details

NPK CLUB BARCELONA is a small Cannabis private club located in Barcelona.

Barcelona, Barcelona View details
Sana Maria ACCSM Cannabis Social Club Barcelona

Cannabis association located in Cornella De Llobregat, Barcelona

Barcelona, Barcelona View details
Resin Club Cannabis Social Club Barcelona

One of the most welcoming and charismatic cannabis clubs in Barcelona.3 Plants, football, tennis, billiards, chill out, concerts and the best quality.

Barcelona, Barcelona View details
Dragon Cannabis Club Weed in Barcelona

Name: Dragon Cannabis Club, Private Social Club. Marital Status: Single, but keep the distance. I’m not that kind of guy. Religion: I love flowers, lemons and good music. Oh! and ladybugs.

Barcelona, Barcelona View details
G13 Cannabis club in Barcelona

G13 is a Private Social Club is a Cannabis social club located in Barcelona. Invitation in needed

Barcelona, Barcelona View details
Medical Weed Sevilla

Cannabis Social Club in Sevilla

Sevilla, Sevilla View details
AEC Gandia Cannabis Social Club

Cannabis Social Club located in Gandia

Gandia, Valencia View details
Los Secretos de Maria Cannabis social club Madrid

Los Secretos de Maria, (sounds a bit like a religious organisation but actually means Mary’s secrets)

Madrid, Madrid View details
Medical Green BCN Cannabis social club Barcelona

Medical Green is a non-profit association, its members are consumers and scholars of everything related to cannabis and its derivatives.

Barcelona, Barcelona View details
Green Soul Coffee Shop

Coffee shop located in Guadalajara, Spain

Guadalajara, Guadalajara View details
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