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Green Poison, Cannabis Strains

If one day you should happen upon an old friend offering you something called “green poison”, it may give you pause for thought. Though if it comes wrapped in a skin or stuffed into a pipe, smelling sweet and flowery, you're likely in for a treat!

Green Poison is a potent Indica, great for those cold evenings parked on the couch in front of your favourite streaming service. This bud takes a few hits to kick in and is a bit of a creeper, but once it does you'll start to feel those familiar Indica effects. A heavy, numbing feeling spreads through the body, relaxing the muscles and making sure you won't be standing up any time soon. A great choice to help deal with sleeping problems or stress, this won't be poisoning anything other than bad vibes.

Not a good idea to smoke during the day for exactly this reason, make sure you're comfortable and fully stocked up with supplies. Don't say we didn't warn you!

The plant itself smells flowery, with that unmistakable skunky undertone so many smokers are familiar with. Once lit up and inhaled, Green Poison hits you with the strong earthy flavours of pine, and that skunky smell carries over to the taste.

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Chocolate Chunk, Cannabis Strains

Though we've been lucky with the weather in Madrid this year, October has arrived, and that means this warmth won't last much longer. With the arrival of Autumn come customary house-bound Saturdays sheltered from the worsening climate. What better way to help you settle into that gaming session or Netflix binge than a nice hit of pure indica Chocolate Chunk? A name with a lot to live up to (chocolate chunk anything is likely to be high on any smoker's munchie list), this flower is as rich and satisfying as it's calorific namesake. Not a strain to casually puff on mid-morning, make sure you have a clear schedule before you light this one up. From the first hit, you can tell it's an Indica, and over-indulgence on this potent bud will definitely lead to a couch-lock. The resulting body high is perfect for any aches and pains you're feeling, and for those of you who suffer from insomnia, this can make the perfect sleeping aid. A sweet, earthy smelling bud burns off a thickly pungent fume, sour and heavy. Chocolate isn't just a name, there is a definite cocoa edge to the smell, though be warned that the smoke can be slightly harsh to inhale.

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Tijuana, Cannabis Strains

Sharing a name with a border-sitting global city, you'd be right in thinking this strain is a heavy-hitter. Even the most seasoned smokers out there will find this almost pure sativa to be a potent delight.

A strong Sativa, the experience with Tijuana is head-heavy. A creative, mind-expanding high follows soon after the first toke, and you'll find its effects lasting for a long while after you've finished smoking. Though it won't put you to sleep, this isn't a strain to smoke if you have anything important that needs doing. A strong haze-like feeling can mean that you won't be performing any attention-demanding tasks after partaking.

Not as flavour rich as some other strains, Tijuana is still a pleasant smoke. Pack it in a pipe and put on something psychedelic.

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Amnesia Haze, Cannabis Strains,

A popular strain in Amsterdam due to it winning first prize in the Cannabis Cup in 2004 and again in 2012 in the Sativa category, Amnesia Haze is a go-to bud for any active smoker or Herbal Hemmingway. Though Amnesia Haze is a name that conjures images of a couch-locked smoke session punctuated by periodic failures in finishing anecdotes, this Sativa-dominant strain is the perfect compliment to a day out hiking or a day in trying to finish that novel.

The energetic high will leave you with the mental focus necessary to stick it out through long creative endeavours, but it's the unanticipated tangents your mind will go off on that mark this out as a flower to remember. However, don't let that fool you into thinking that this is exclusively a hometime smoke! Amnesia Haze's social, energising effects also mean it's ideal for conversations and outdoor group activities, while the inclusion of some indica landrace ancestry stops it from causing too much paranoia in the anxiety-prone. Definitely a daytime smoke, it wouldn't be the best idea to have before bed!

Though before the high comes the smoke, and fortunately for us Amnesia Haze delivers on that front. A smooth, lemon-tinged citrus flavour make for an enjoyable toke.

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Blueberry Haze, Cannabis Strains

Blueberry Haze. If there was ever a more perfect combination of words in the English language, I certainly haven't heard them. If you're looking for a strain with a fruity flavour that matches its clean, analytical effects then look no further!

This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is a perfect compliment to any menial tasks that lie before you, with an energetic, flowing high that is felt within the first few tokes. A nice flower to smoke in the day if you don't over-do it, though getting greedy with this one definitely activates its Indica side. Like the pie that is its namesake, too much Blueberry Haze might leave you parked on the couch, immobile and wondering why you never learned any self-restraint growing up. Just remember its reputation for potency and plan accordingly. If you smoke a lot, you'll definitely want to have finished all those essential jobs for the day!

Though respect the plant and you'll be rewarded with a happy, euphoric feeling that is perfect for sharing with friends. Though you might not actually want to share, as this bud tastes so fruity fresh that you may find you keep most of it to yourself!

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Cannabis Strains Agent Orange

For many of us, Agent Orange is a term that pivots the mind towards newsreel images of American military helicopters hovering over thick rainforest, perhaps to a Rolling Stones or Wagner soundtrack. The Vietnam-War era herbicide lends its name to our current favourite bud, but the hybrid's widely-loved effects will leave you more M*A*S*H than Apocalypse Now.

Anyone who samples this Sativa-dominant hybrid will report its cerebral, mood-enhancing high that works in perfect tandem with a relaxing numbing effect that hits the body after the brain.

This makes it a great strain for those of us who are susceptible to anxiety from pure Sativas or Sativa-dominant hybrids; your excitable mind won't give way to paranoia and the shakes.

The Indica side of the plant will also aid with any minor aches and pains you might be suffering from, but it's important to note that this isn't the best medicinal strain if you suffer from anything more serious than a few bumps and bruises.

As is hinted in the name, Agent Orange has a marked citrus scent, both in the flower and the smoke. Smooth on the throat and lungs, each exhale will leave you with a lingering orange taste on the tongue.

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Granddaddy Purple, Cannabis Strains

The Original Grandaddy Purple, was introduced by breeder Ken Estes in 2003 in the San Francisco Bay Area, has become a classic in american dispensaries as one of the best purple Indicas available on the market.

It has a potent psychoactive effect, offering to the smoker a mixture of cerebral euphora and physical relaxation.Grandaddy Purple (GDP) is a cross between the renowned californian Purple Urkle cut - that transmits its beautiful colours and fruity flavours - and the legendary Big Bud strain , which improves yields and bud density.

Plants usually develop purple tones from the 6th week into flowering except when temperatures are too high. Once harvested, buds are similar to precious stones coated with resin glands . The smell and taste of Original Grandaddy Purple remind of ripe grapes and wild berries.

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