Podemos open the debate for the legalisation of marijuana.

Podemos the left wing Spanish political party led by Pablo Iglesias have opened a wide debate for the legalisation of marijuana for both therapeutic and recreational use. The hope is that they will be able to get the law through for early 2019. Although the details are a bit vague they are suggesting a system […]

The Sagrada Maria, CSC Badalona

The Sagrada Maria CSC—Badalona, Badalona is a realtively quiet residential, suburb of Barcleona, its on the metro line L2 and is quite accessible for Barcelona. There are some long sandy beaches which tend to be much more accessible than those in Barcelona. During the summer there are fewer people on these beaches and they are […]

A brief rundown of legality of cannabis in various countries

CANADA On October 17, 2018, Canada became the latest country to legalize recreational marijuana in full. Growers can get licensed by the federal government, and then individual provinces will determine how the product gets distributed and sold. It won’t be heavily advertised — the attitude here is that the government will sign off, but not […]

Clones versus seeds, which is best?

Clones versus seeds, which is best?

What are the advantages of growing from seeds? When it comes to cultivation there is always a discussion as to whether you are better off with seeds or clones. Growing from a seed is a far more natural way to grow, and results in a great variation of buds, within the same genetic range. Growing […]

Do you spend more on Marijuana than eating out?

Legal American Marijuana customers spend more on their marijuana than on eating out. It is a rather interesting question and one which we should all be aware of. How much do we spend on Marijuana? As far as I know there has not been a study done in Europe to review this question, however the […]

Can CBD help your pet?

Can CBD help your pet?

Can CBD help your pet? Due to mammals having an endocannabinoid system as do humans, CBD can be as beneficial to pets as it is to their owners. There is one point to be taken into account: dogs have a greater concentration of cannabinoid receptors CBD can help your pet for the following conditions: • […]